Hi. I’m Kathleen Thompson and I own Main Street Yoga.

I opened this studio in March of 2004 to provide a space for practicing yoga, but I also hoped it would become a place for people to meet each other and share strategies for living happier and healthier lives. 

And it has!

For me, Main Street Yoga has always been about the people first, then the yoga.

The style of yoga I teach is called Pranakriya Yoga. Pranakriya has its roots in Kripalu Yoga. You might even say Pranakriya is the "root practice" of Kripalu Yoga. It's the yoga that Swami Kripalu taught to the Kripalu ashram members back in the day. My teacher, Yoganand Michael Carroll, who was a renunciate monk in that ashram for 15 years, is now carrying forth this lineage and teaching it to others.

So, what does Pranakriya Yoga look like? Here's how I like to guide it:

After a nice warm-up which includes a lot of breathing (pranayama), we flow in and out of postures, stopping occasionally to drill down deeply into a few, looking for hidden treasure. Once we think we've found something, we might explore it for awhile by holding it a little longer, and breathing into it a little deeper, then continue on in the flow. 

It's a steady, grounded, and sweet yoga. When you finish you feel deeply connected, deeply centered. This practice will transform you. It really will.

As for me, when I am not teaching or practicing, I like to read, and write, sip nice wine, eat little plates of interesting food, ride my bike, paddle my kayak, and walk my Welsh Corgi, Boomer.

I am inspired by people who are taking bold, daring risks in their lives; people who are following their bliss; people who are following their "awe." I am inspired by my students. I am inspired by Yoganand and my fellow Pranakriya teachers. 

If I could envision my ideal life, it would look pretty much like the life I live now, with maybe with a bigger space for more students, and more frequent travel to exotic locations to teach and train. 

 I would love the chance to meet you someday. I really would.

I hope you will come and try a class.

I think you’ll be surprised.


Kathleen Thompson

2003- 200 Hr Kripalu Yoga Teacher Certification

2007 − 500 Hr Kripalu Yoga Teacher Certification

2012 − 500 Hr Pranakriya Yoga Certification

2014 - Certified Holistic Health Coach - Institute for Integrative Nutrition 

Also: Trainings in Thai Massage, Ayurveda, and Chair Yoga