Where are you located, exactly?

This is the building.

This is the building.

We are on Main Street in Mansfield, PENNSYLVANIA (not Ohio, or Massachusetts or Texas!) above Strohecker Vision Center. There is a large wooden door at street level between Strohecker's and Gannon Insurance with the number "10" on it. Go through that door and up the stairs. Can't miss it.

Go in this door.

Go in this door.

What if I've never done yoga before? What class should I take?

The Gentle Yoga class on Tuesday night is the place to start. It's slow and easy and the instruction is clear and detailed. You will have absolutely no problem in that class. Tell the teacher before class that you are totally new to the practice and she will take good care of you!  We want you to be comfortable and happy!

What should I wear?

Soft, comfortable clothes that won't restrict your movement. No zippers. No belts. Your top should be either form-fitting or able to be tucked in so it doesn't fall in your face when you bend forward. Do not wear perfume or scented after-shave. We practice in bare feet.

Do I need a mat?

Yes. But if you don't have one, we can lend you one. All other props are provided, as well as water.

If I come from work, is there some place I can change?

Yes. There is a large bathroom in the studio with hooks to hang your clothes and plenty of space to change from work clothes into practice clothes.

How much is a Drop-In class?

All classes are $10. Your first one is free!

What if I have a back/shoulder/neck injury or some other physical challenge? Can I still do yoga?

It depends. Most postures can be adapted for injuries or flexibility challenges. Always talk to the instructor before class and let her know what's going on with you so she can watch you and advise you. If you have specific medical issues you would like to discuss, please use the "Get in Touch" link on this site and we'll be happy to talk to you about your specific situation.