Main Street Yoga-Mansfield, PA Newsletter

November/December Newsletter 2012

Yoga Lounge

Hi Yogarians! 

I can’t believe I am sitting here with power and internet after all the Hurricane Sandy hype and anxiety. Whew! No trees down in my neighborhood and I hope you were equally as lucky. The company that hosts my website though, Squarespace, is under water at the moment (they are in Manhattan), so my website might be down for a few days, but as soon as it’s up, this schedule will be on it for you to consult. I have dispensed with the fancy graphics this time too, because this is a content heavy newsletter. Also, tomorrow, Wednesday, the All-Levels Drop-in class will be taught by Shelly Clark. It will be a Gentle Stretch class and you are all welcome!

This schedule takes us through December. And for those of you who don’t have 2 hours to read an email, here are the highlights:

Mondays turn into “Core and More” starting November 12th 

Tuesdays turn into “Om for the Holidaze” starting November 6th

The November 14th Wednesday Drop-in class is the Food Pantry class—free with a donation of food

Kestrel will be continuing with the late class on Thursdays through November.

There are many “studio closed” dates, so beware!

The class descriptions are at the very end of this email.

You can let me know what you want by replying to this email.


(Starting November 12th)

5 Week Session

Core and More

Dates: Nov. 12, 19,26, Dec. 10, 17

Cost: $50 or flex


(Starting November 6th)

6 Week Session

Om for the Holidaze

Dates: Nov. 6, 13, 20, 27, Dec. 11, 18

Cost: $60/flex


All-Levels. Drop-In




The studio will be closed the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, November 21st

Thursdays in November

Evenings with Kestrel

This class continues until November 29th

Time: 7-8 PM

The studio is closed the Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of Thanksgiving weekend.

Pay by the class or use Flex.

Thursdays in December

(Starts December 6th)

3 Week Session

Gentle Flow Yoga (with Kath)

**New Time!!**  6-7 PM

Dates: Dec. 6, 13, 20

Cost: $30/Flex


Happy Hour Yoga

4:30-5:30 PM

All-Level. Drop-In.

There are lots of holidays in November and December, and in addition I will be attending a training, so I would advise picking up a paper schedule at the studio. But here are the dates the studio will be closed:

The Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of Thanksgiving week: Nov. 21, 22, 23

My training has the studio closed Nov. 30, Dec. 3 and Dec. 4. (That’s a Friday, Monday and Tuesday

The last class in December will be the 21st, a Friday. Then that whole next week the studio is closed: Dec. 24th-28th

The Annual New Year’s Eve class will be Monday, December 31st from 4-5 PM. This is a free class. I will be contacting you the closer we get to this with more details.

Core and More 

This is going to be a series of core exercises (yeah, these won't look like yoga, but we are going to do them yogically, meaning meditatively, with breath, and without counting). Then interspersed with these will be postures that will create a counter-balance to the all the core work. So, if you think about a “crunch” for instance, after crunching the abdominal wall, we'll flip onto our bellies and do a nice hold in Sphinx. And then return to something "ab-y" and then take a break for a few hip flexor stretches, and go back and forth like that until savasana. It will be good. You'll feel it the next day. It's important to get those abs on line. It will make you more aware of them as you stuff your face with butter cookies. This class is suitable for all levels.

Om for the Holidaze

This is going to be a class of easy postures and pranayams plus a few little meditation techniques to help you get through the holidays. What is this going to look like? Grounding poses some weeks; more energetic poses the next week. One week lots of breathing and twisting, another week some playful balancing ending with legs up the wall.  Because really, in November, with college winding down and the holidays ramping up? I don't care how much you say that you only do the minimum in terms of shopping and decorating (I say this, too) I still get caught in it to some extent. What I want to create in this class is a safe haven, (or as John Stewart says, “Your Moment of Zen”), free of Xmas muzak, that will allow you to  stretch out the kinks in your neck, shoulders and back, and give you some time to sit and meditate for a few minutes either sitting up or lying down. That sounds good to me. You too?  If so, hit “reply” and let me know. This class is suitable for all levels.