Main Street Yoga-Mansfield, PA Newsletter

December 2013 Newsletter

Happy December!
Here we go! Cleaning, decorating, shopping, wrapping, baking,party-throwing, party-going, traveling, guest-readying.
So where do you find time for yourself in there?

Good question!

Even I am not immune. That's why this morning I cleaned up my home practice room, dusted off my altar, lit some incense, and did 5 As and 5 Bs, then sat for 20 minutes.

The whole time though, all I could think of was my To-Do list bearing down on me. But when I exited that warm room, I felt good. I felt calm. I felt: "Ok, Kath. One thing at a time. Let's do this."

So my advice? Don't let the holiday Time Monster take away your practice. It's only once a week for most of you, so it's the very least you can do to preserve your perspective and your sanity. Don't you think?

The new class for December is a 3-week session on Tuesday night I call, "Relax and Unwind." Do you need me to elaborate? (Didn't think so.) This is a class that is suitable for everyone. Even a raw beginner. Know someone who is wound a little too tight? Who needs to chill? Bring 'em. 

A new session of Power Hour starts tonight. If you are a regular in this class, just come.

Now let's talk Gift Certificates.

If your husband/wife/child/friend/co-worker wants to gift you with yoga this Christmas, give them my number (570-660-5873) and I will set them up. They can do the whole transaction with a credit card over the phone and I will mail it to them or arrange for a pick up. Easy-peasy.

If you would like a certain someone to know that you like a flex card in your stocking, send me their name, their relationship to you and their email and will send them a little hint. *wink*

Secret or Not-so-Secret Santa

Would you like to treat a fellow yogarian to a class? Somebody you always look forward to seeing when you come to class? Somebody you appreciate for their kindness, or for the way they always save you a spot, or help you carry you stuff back to the lounge, or give you a ride to class, or treat you to dinner afterwards?
Wouldn't it be nice to buy them a class, just to say "Thanks!"?

I have special little flex cards this year that say:
"You have been treated to 1 yoga class by _________."
In the blank you can put your name, or anything you'd like: Santa, Hannukah Harry, Pantajali --Be creative!

These cards are only $10. I think this is a swell idea! (I actually thought of it on my meditation cushion this morning, so there you go!)

To get one, you can either hit me up before or after class, or call or email and I'll have it all ready for you the next time I see you. (We can work out the delivery strategy.)

The studio will be closed from Tuesday, the 24th to Monday the 30th, but will re-open for the annual Free Yoga Nidra class on New Year's Eve day from 4-5 PM.

This is a special class, held in silence and there are no postures. It is a guided savasana followed by an optional "letter to yourself."
I will remind you of this again before the studio closes for the holiday.

I hope you all have a relaxing and peaceful holiday. 
Merry, merry! And many thanks to you all for this wondrous year that is ending, and the magical one that is surely to come!
Love, Kath