Main Street Yoga-Mansfield, PA Newsletter

March 2013 News

Hi Everyone,

Classes have been rockin’ lately at MSY as you well know if you’ve been here lately. There have been lots of new people, bringing great new energy into the warm room! I think yoga is finally “trending” in Tioga County!

To accommodate everyone who wanted the Power Hour class, but who got shut out, I have opened up a second section of it on Thursdays. If you are currently enrolled in the Monday class and would like to decamp to Thursdays, you have that option, just let me know. But the Monday class is still full.

On Tuesdays in March, Shelly is offering a Vinyasa Flow class. Vinyasa flow means that you will link poses into a continual movement pattern. Expect movement, not just stretch. Expect precise coordination of breath with movement. Expect sun salutations. If you have never done this style of yoga before,, this is the perfect place to learn. If you love this style already, you are going to Love. This. Class.

Mark your calendars! There will be a special treat on Friday, March 1st in the Happy Hour class, and on Tuesday, February 26th in Shelly’s Vinyasa Flow class. Fellow yogarian and harpist extraordinaire, Cheryl Hein-Walters will be playing the harp during savasana in those two classes. Heavenly! If you thought savasana was already pretty amazing, be prepared to be transported to a whole new realm!

March will be the last month of regular classes until May. In the month of April we do the APRIL YOGA CHALLENGE. More info about that will be headed your way shortly!

I hope to see you all in March, the month SPRING COMES! HALLELUJAH! 

Be good. Do yoga.