Main Street Yoga-Mansfield, PA Newsletter

June 2013 Newsletter


  • Studio closed Friday, May 31st (No Happy Hour Yoga)
  • No Thursday classes in June
  • Morning Yoga continues 
  • Drop-ins on Wednesdays and Fridays
  • Power Hour on Mondays 
  • New Variety Pack Session begins on Tuesday, June 4th

Hi Everyone!

I am so happy that winter is finally in the rear-view mirror and the days are FINALLY getting longer and warmer! If you are, like me, still feeling weak and creaky from winter's confinement, you can console yourself with so many more hours now available for getting back to feeling powerful and strong.

But getting back into tip-top shape takes time. You know that quote from Patanjali that describes a grounded practice as one that is done persistently, with reverence for a long time? Yeah.I have to remind myself of that one everyday when progress seems to move at a glacial pace.

June is a great time to practice reverence and persistence in all things, but especially when it comes to your body. I would love to support you in any kind of body, mind and spirit goals you may have. You will find your yoga practice spilling over into everything else you do, whether it's gardening, hiking, biking or just cleaning up your space. When the weather turns hot, come and practice in the studio's sweet coolness; when it turns cool and rainy the way it is today, the studio is so warm and cozy. 

Look over the June offerings in the Schedule tab and be sure to let me know if you want the Morning Session or the Variety Pack Session. Everything else is either drop-in or full.  

I really hope I get to practice with you in June!

Be good, do yoga.