Main Street Yoga-Mansfield, PA Newsletter

October 2015 Newsletter

This month, in addition to the weekly standard classes of Power Yoga on Mondays,Gentle Yoga on Tuesdays and Happy Hour Yoga on Fridays, I am excited to offer How to Practice Yoga, on Wednesdays this October. 

I had a great talk with 2 of my favorite yogarians the other night after class and realized
that some people may know how to practice yoga postures, but they still don’t know how to practice yoga.

For example: they might be a little foggy about what it means to “set an intention” and work with that intention for an entire hour of postures.

Or they might have heard a teacher say, “Drop inside and listen" but they’re not exactly sure what that means, or what it should sound like, or why it’s so important.

And then there’s that tired cliche, “Let go.” Why does every yoga teacher in the universe have to say that? Is it some kind of yoga teacher rule, and if they don’t say it they get their teacher certifications revoked? What are you  supposed to let go of exactly, and more importantly, how do you pull it off?


 I’m going to address these issues, as well as other esoterica in this 4-week session.

This class is perfect for the experienced practitioner, the beginner, and all the levels of student in between. We will use these insights to transform the practicing of postures into the practicing of “yoga."

Please sign up for this class in the Featured Classes section below. This class is contingent on sufficient enrollment by October 5th.

************ New Project!!!************

The ESP Project is more than a class, it's an 8-week commitment to a daily program of yoga or walking, meditation, and water. This is for you if you want to get a good foundation of health before the challenges of winter and holidays.

Here's what you get: 

  • Unlimited Yoga at MSY for 8 weeks
  • Free Health Coaching, including 1 private one-on-one goal-setting session with me, and then ongoing support for 8 weeks.
  • Meditation instruction
  • Ayurvedic dietary tips and recipes each week
  • Accountability and Support in the form of a Private Facebook page set up for daily check-ins and group advice. (There will also be a text option.)

Here's what you must commit to:

  • 20 minutes of yoga or walking 5 days/wk
  • 10 minutes of daily meditation
  • drinking the ideal amount of water for you each day
  • developing 1 healthy eating habit

To join, please sign up under Featured Classes below. 

To get all the backstory about why I'm offering this, and why it's called ESP, sign up for my Tiny Letter and I'll tell you the inside scoop.

I am really excited about everything in October and I can't wait to see you in a class soon!

Namaste and love,