Main Street Yoga-Mansfield, PA Newsletter

March 2018 Newsletter

Guess what? MSY turns 14 this month! How did THAT happen?

You! That's how that happened! You came. You came regularly. You dragged your friends to class. You brought your kids, your mother, your friend from work. And then they told people. And that's how MSY grew, and has persisted, for 14 years.

That's a lot of years.

If you started back in the day, think of it: you've now been practicing yoga for 14 years. That's really something. It's pretty inspiring, actually. Most people don't hang with an activity that long. That's persistence over time. That's you investing in your self, in your health, in your sanity. 

Thank you. Thank you for that. 
Because the world needs more healthy, sane people. Aren't there  days when it seems our numbers are dwindling? It seems to me especially important now, to keep doing any and every thing that will promote health and sanity. 

Yesterday I was thinking about the "good" old days, back when nobody came to class and I'd sit alone in the studio and stare out the window. You can read more about that HERE if you want.
But the big takeaway was this: Yoga brings people together. We inhale and exhale together. We entrain. We attune. My breath matches your breath, then all breath, then it starts to entrain with the rhythms of sun and moon, and the passing of seasons. 

On this Thursday, March 1st MSY will turn 14 and it just so happens that that is the first night of Nikki York's Lunar Cycle Yoga Workshop (details below). She has suggested that anyone who is free should come that night and do a celebratory practice--for free! Thursday is a full moon--the first of two full moons in March. 
So I invite you: Come and celebrate MSY ...and yourself. Commit (or recommit) to your health and sanity. It's a pretty auspicious night, lunarly speaking, to do such a thing. I hope you will make time to come!

So: here's Nikki's plan for the rest of the Lunar Cycle Workshop. 


MARCH: 1, 8, 15, 22, 29

5:30 - 6:30 PM


Did you know there are TWO full moons this March? The last time this happened was 19 years ago! The moon-shine is strong, my friend! 

Lunar Cycle Yoga is a workshop for anyone who wants to cultivate intuition, purpose and connection by syncing their yoga practice with the cycles of the moon. 

I will provide you with handouts, practice plans and journaling ideas to help you become aware of these rhythms as well as lead you in a physical yoga practice and meditation to open to the lunar waves for YOU. The yoga practice will be all levels, but not for raw beginners. 

Each session will begin with 5-10 minutes of discussion to be followed by your yoga practice and meditation. Bring a notebook and we will have a few minutes at the end of each session to write down your insights, intentions, revelations. At the end of the month, this journal can be a guide on how the lunar cycle affects YOU, perhaps the beginning of your internal map. Knowledge is power!

Week 1: Full Moon Yoga Flow. This is the eve of the FIRST full moon in March (The Worm Moon). Let’s celebrate! Fill up with positive energy! Pay attention to your intuition. Take inventory. What serves you and what doesn’t? Is it time to shed some unneeded baggage? What DO you want to fill your life with?

Week 2: Third Quarter Moon Practice: You may feel a little unpredictable at this time of month. Say no to the status quo! It’s no holds barred as we release and clear out in order to begin turning inward and setting boundaries. Let your wise and fierce side shine. 

Week 3: New Moon Practice: This phase is the beginning of everything. It’s dark and quiet.  Enter hibernation. The death before the rebirth. Say “no” to what doesn’t serve you. Nourish yourself. Dream.

Week 4: First Quarter Moon Practice: Emerge from your sleep and take action. Energy levels rise and we feel beautiful in our bodies. Say “YES” as you follow your heightened intuition.

Week 5: Blue Moon Yoga. This is the SECOND full moon in the month of March. This is our peak. Energy is the highest and we feel alive! Be productive. Go. Do.

This workshop is contingent on sufficient enrollment. You can participate even if you have to miss one, but this is not a drop in class.

Also new in March:
Gena Rasmussen will be teaching on the last 2 Wednesdays, so mark your calendars: Wednesday, March 21st and Wednesday March 22nd. This is an All-Levels Flow class. Nothing too strenuous.
 Tuesdays: Gentle Yoga class. It’s the perfect place to begin learning how to build a posture, breathe through your nose, and become comfortable in a yoga practice room.
Mondays: For those of you who have been doing all-levels classes for a while and think it might be time to up your game, why not try the Power Yoga class on Mondays? It’s intense sometimes, I won’t lie, but when you attempt postures you think you can’t do, you vault your body and mind into a whole new atmosphere.
Friday Happy Hour Yoga is where you come to drop your accumulated stress after the work-week. It’s a little earlier than the other weekday classes too, which allows you to get home and get the weekend party started. Happy Hour starts at 4:30.
Weekend Yoga
I am loving these 2 classes. I love not only the times, but how they meet my needs.
Saturday Morning at 9 AM
You get to sleep in a bit, but still get your practice in early. In this class, we wade in slowly and methodically, but by the end we start movin’ and groovin’.  I always leave this class with a “Bring it!” attitude.
Sunday Afternoon at 3 PM
I don’t know about you, but Sundays for me are kinda slothful. I do laundry, meal plan, maybe take a nap. But by 3, --enough! I need to make an effort. Get out of the sweats. Do something productive. Stretch out and breathe. It’s not a serious, or particularly demanding class, just an opportunity to commune with the mat. 
If you want to print out this March Schedule for your fridge, go to the website and on the masthead click Printable Schedule, and bam.
I hope to see you in March. Again, thank you for all your support over the years. I feel so privileged and grateful for the opportunity to help you practice yoga.

Love and Namaste,